Total, the results away from individual appeal reveal that guys that have features you to will likely signal reasonable elegance on marriage industry (low income, are significantly more than age 40, being divorced otherwise that have people regarding prior matchmaking) are more inclined to get married immigrants while the predicted because of the general attractiveness theory

Prices regarding multinomial logistic regression activities having intermarriage off indigenous dudes because of the immigrant standing of partner (Panel An effective; ref: native–indigenous relationship) and logistic regression designs to own marriage migrant marriage ceremonies away from native guys (Committee B; Design step 1, ref: citizen immigrant relationships)

Native Swedish guys that inside highest-acquisition dating (each other next and you can third and higher) let you know increased likelihood of marrying individuals off sometimes the new high- otherwise lowest-condition classification however, guys whom get married individuals regarding medium-condition group have not knowledgeable a hit a brick wall ous Swedish men

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