Striga also offers proven to be a military tactic wizard, given that seen where immediately following just 1 day from reading throughout the Carmilla’s the latest propose to build her empire for themselves by taking advantage of this new chaos from Dracula’s rampage, Striga got currently figured out and concept of numerous noteworthy armed forces projects, procedure and you can intentions to securely cops, protect and keep maintaining the fresh new national border defenses of the the latest areas. She was also able to see additional trap of using Hector’s show just like the a devil Forgemaster, as because of his capacity to changes people corpses into the evening creatures, they’d you prefer a huge number of fresh dead bodies in order to rebuild and you will expand their armies and therefore acquiring like an enormous count may backfire to them and ruin their food likewise have.

It had been together with found one just like Carmilla, Striga enjoys little to no respect to have human beings and contains no embarrassment or empathy for them. This will be seen throughout their own first ending up in Hector, in which she dehumanized him by writing about your given that an “it” along with little to no concern in the agreeing to Carmilla’s orders to save him imprisoned when you look at the subhuman standards within their dungeons. Later, Striga demonstrated little to no hesitation inside the agreeing which have Carmilla’s plot to make its “corridor nation” off an “eternal eating” also have together with currently put together several intentions to imprison and you will herd the human people with the attention camps, further centering on that she cares almost no for humankind and only observes them due to the fact restaurants. (more…)