• On behalf of Norad I’m happy as here now due to the fact co-recruit of Bundle Norway’s yearly appointment towards liberties of the girl child plus the strategy facing youngster wedding.

We thus desires problem visitors right here to carefully view the applications, to generally share information about promising techniques, and take winning treatments so you’re able to measure

• The back ground for this meeting try a disaster you to definitely impacts far more than simply 67 billion girls worldwide. One out of about three girls (34%) from the developing community try hitched of the age 18. Around the world youngster marriage membership continue to be mainly unchanged, though there try a fall to own girls under decades 15. Unless we flourish in changing new trends over fifteen million girls could be partnered when you look at the next a decade. So why do teams accept that men marries a child, either more youthful sufficient to become his granddaughter? (more…)