Much time unkempt and you can fatty hair, bushy mustaches, unbuttoned cotton shirts that demonstrate of furry chests and you can silver crosses towards fantastic chains-may possibly not getting what Greeks at all like me need the others around the world to trust i look like, however in the new 70s and you may eighties that was how a foreigner would determine all of us.

Brand new dudes who popularized brand new archetypal picture of that period was indeed named “kamaki”-a beneficial Greek jargon word into version of people whom spends a lot of their time in traffic parts seeking to get girls. Making out a beneficial Greek girl back then would add up to requesting their turn in matrimony, but one was not the way it is toward English and you can Scandinavian girls checking out Greece in the summertime. Throughout the many years before the Greek military junta out-of 1967 so you can 74, Greece’s unique offering out of water, sun, and you can mud secure when you look at the partial-undressed bodies resulted in an increase into the tourism. The Sexual Trend got only taken over south west, so teenagers of you to definitely the main community journeyed in order to Greece selecting a frenzied summer regarding like. “Physicians, attorneys, builders-all of the younger men of my generation were kamakis. You can see, Greek girls don’t very go out next,” John Klouvas, one of the most well-known kamakis of the time, explained past date We decided to go to the brand new island out-of Rhodes. (more…)