The latest power regarding a person more a woman otherwise their spouse and portraying women because an excellent sex object is obvious into the Proverb (18): (??? ?? ?? ?? ?????? ??? ??? ???? ???? ??) “If you like, love camels but don’t graze in their pastures

The initial category detailing the inferiority and you will excellence out-of either an effective guy more a lady or the ranks of genders during the people is visible in the proverb (??? ?????? ??????? ????? ???? ????????) “The students goat found show their mommy just how to graze.” Within this proverb, we could conclude how scales are upside down, and you may the lowest-ranks animal will instruct an excellent you to how to handle it. Regarding person framework, they enforce in the event the daughter surpasses her mother and you may wants to illustrate her simple tips to take action. Therefore, brand new child, who is more youthful and you can inferior to their unique mommy, tries to train their mommy, exactly who trained their the basics additionally the standards out-of life.

Inside the outlining brand new weakness of women, the newest Jordanians pick the proverb (??????? ???? ??? ?????), “The new camel was good camel in the event they growls” for example even if the women camel growls, it will nevertheless maybe not enable it to be an excellent lion but are a great camel and you may weakened. This does not signify the woman is ranked reduced in it perspective but instead reveals their dependence on a man to help you protect and service her. In addition, the fresh new proverb signifies that even though women cry otherwise do just about anything to display the powers, they nonetheless remain a female, packed with thinking and you will pain.

It needs setting up the effectiveness of dudes more female and not allowing their sexual desires for ladies to aid the thinking

Proverb (16) (????? ???? ??? ??????? ????? ???? ?????) “The one who products this new milk regarding a good donkey, his brain gets a granite” illustrates when new burro products the mother’s milk, it will instantly inherit their particular absurdity and you can stubbornness. (more…)