This section could have been put into six subsections that cover: (i) incorporate and you may inspiration, (ii) personality correlates, (iii) negative correlates, (iv) impulsive habits, (v) substance fool around with and behavioural habits, and you can (vi) difficult usage of matchmaking. Along side subsections, the focus is on the main conclusions of every research and you can, when relevant, exactly how these types of findings get in touch with overuse/tricky functions.

Usage and you will Reasons

Out from the eleven education, there are ten decimal education, that had been cross-sectional (Corriero and you may Tong 2016; Gunter 2008; Hance mais aussi al. 2018; Houran and Lange 2004; Hwang 2013; Kim mais aussi al. 2009; Menkin ainsi que al. 2015; Paul 2014; Stinson and you can Jeske 2016; Valkenburg and Peter 2007), and one qualitative research (Lawson and you will Leck 2006). One to analysis examined heterosexual respondents just (Hwang 2013), and something study worried about men homosexual communities simply (Corriero and you may Tong 2016), in addition to kept degree failed to identify between sexual orientations. (more…)