Evaluating Immigrant–Local Interous Swedish Marriages

To own local Swedish women, Hypothesis dos (Appeal Theory) are backed by new bad relationship ranging from socioeconomic position (training and income) and you may intermarriage having immigrants out-of all of the three standing groups (multinomial logit model, Dining table step 3 Committee An effective) however, reduced therefore by the relationships with the demographic variables. Brand new conclusions regarding your demographic attributes, which may affect someone’s position regarding the relationships business, strongly wind up as men and women for males simply in marriages with immigrants out-of high position. Specifically, earlier women and you can ladies in high-order dating reveal high likelihood of marrying a keen immigrant regarding higher standing, but it’s younger feminine (18–twenty five years old) whom let you know 41% highest likelihood of marrying an enthusiastic immigrant away from medium reputation and you can thirty-five% higher likelihood of marrying an immigrant off lower condition. Regarding past matchmaking, not, ladies who have observed more than one failed matchmaking reveal improved odds of intermarriage than do ladies in its basic dating, referring to such as for instance noticable certainly one of marriage ceremonies that have lowest-position immigrants (Otherwise of just one.48). (more…)