Amazingly, as well as the greatest fulfilling ranging from King Sheba and you can Queen Solomon, best legend inside Beta Israel annals (and people from other peoples and you can tribes) spins up to a woman, Queen Judith, variously also known as Yodit, Gudit (“the newest bad”), Esther, Esato (=fire), Ga’wa, Tirda Gabaz, or Isat. She’s become attributed to the brand new 10th century plus the ecclesiastical refuse out of Axum (the newest historical resource of your own Aksumite Empire inside the Ethiopia), and you may she’s been defined as a regal Axumite little princess and the King out of people from other countries, including the Bani al-Hamwiyah/Habasha (native tribes for the Ethiopia), while the Falashas (Hendrickx 2018; Steyn, 2019). Into one-hand, she are depicted since a pleasant woman of your own Ethiopian regal family unit members, much like the Queen of Sheba, as well as on the other hands, she try depicted since the a beneficial despicable prostitute whom, at once off governmental exhaustion, murdered this new Ethiopian queen, caught this new throne, so that as a horrible leader destroyed Aksum, the main city, persecuted brand new priests and finalized new churches. (more…)