Others don’t let you search for any of that, forcing you to sift through the broad category of “mobile developer” postings. Senior programmers are responsible for reviewing code written by others and ensuring that it follows best practices and company coding standards. They also design new features and ensure they fit well with an existing codebase. For example, ProCoders can offer you a customizable price depending on your project. You should know the developer’s role and determine the required skill set. Once you’re done with that phase, check their successful track record and make sure they can handle your project.

React Native Developer salary

The average salary earned by a React Native developer in the United States is $95,667.yr according to Glassdoor. If your company plans to hire React Native developers, it is worth considering reviewing developers from various regions before making a hiring decision. Given the anomaly of Indeed’s results, its salary predictions were omitted from these results. Some sites let you search by geography, others by years of experience, others by the tech stack, and so on.

Additional Stack

After 5 years of experience on average, the senior-level developer usually works as the leader of a project. A senior React Native developer’s main task will be to lay down the foundation of the project and how it will pan out in the future. They also have to take responsibility for their subordinates and guide them accordingly. As the CEO of FullStack Labs, my primary responsibility is for the management of the company. I manage and directly contribute to many different departments within the company, including recruiting and hiring, marketing and sales, bookkeeping and accounting, tax and legal, and general operations. I take a hands on approach to management, meaning I prefer to roll up my sleeves and work directly on projects, instead of managing through meetings, policy, and bureaucracy.

React Native Developer salary

Communication can also be a problem due to cultural differences, and the person may not always speak English well enough for you to understand them. Besides, there’s an opportunity that if you hire a developer for a cheap price, they may not fulfill your expectations, and you would need to hire a new one and thus double pay. It’s also better to mention the industry you are in, so the chances to hire a developer with a similar experience are higher. We have a large team of React Native developers available, both on-shore and off-shore, to build your solution. If what you read above has you interested in joining our team, please visit our Careers page.

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Our Construction Software Development Services allow construction companies to manage projects, resources, and documentation. A React Native developer’s main task is to work to build a well-performing mobile app across different platforms. Depending on their skill set and preferences, they can choose how much of React Native they want to use. They can also use other tools for software development such as XCode in the case of iOS and Android Studio for Android apps. React Native is a software development framework created by Facebook in 2015. It is based on the ReactJS library that allows developers to create mobile and web applications for Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows, and UWP.

React Native Developer salary

Over the last few years, React Native is becoming an increasingly popular solution for developing a great user experience on mobile applications. These apps are very easy to use, have high processing speed, and are very responsive. It is also used to build applications for Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows, and UWP from the same framework. The language is also equipped with several pre-developed features that increase portability for the developers while writing code. We have vast experience crafting healthcare software development solutions, including UI/UX Design, Application Development, Legacy Healthcare Systems, and Team Augmentation.

Identify the Specific Type of React Native Developer you Need

Based on data from ZipRecruiter, React Native Developers in the United States have an average annual salary of $129,846. The majority of these professionals earn between $106,000 (representing the 25th percentile) and $157,000 (marking the 75th percentile). Furthermore, those at the top of the pay scale, falling into the 90th percentile, also make as much as $157,000 per year. This data underscores the growing value and demand for React Native developers in the US tech market. Whether a team member is an engineer or a project manager, their communication ability can determine how smoothly software development moves. Developers who can work well with other developers and communicate with stakeholders are more likely to be compensated better than those who do not have these traits.

  • Inexperienced developers start at $71,500, and those with upper-level seniority can expect $120,500.
  • We have a multi-level screening process and test candidates’ skills thoroughly with sample codes and interviews, so clients meet the top engineers who meet their requirements.
  • In comparison, a senior programmer will likely earn around  $8,000 per month, depending on how much experience they have in the field programming.
  • Prior to FullStack Labs, I was Vice President of Sales and Partner at CAE, where we built an industry-leading marketplace for buying and selling used capital equipment.
  • How much you can expect to make as a React Native developer—or how much you can expect to pay one you’re hiring—depends a lot on where you’re looking.

Bear in mind as well that these are simply averages, which means that roughly 50% of developers will earn more than the average, and 50% will earn less. Indeed only allows the most basic searches, eliminating refinements by skillset, years of experience, and everything else. Accordingly, we’ve left it out of our final average tally at the end of this post. According to Glassdoor, entry-level React Native developers can expect to be paid $72,097, while those with 15 years of experience earn an average of $117,577. Glassdoor allows a range of options in its salary search tool, including location and ranges of years of experience, like 0-1 years, 1-3 years, and so on. We took an average of the high and low estimates for React Native devs in the United States.

How does YouTeam vet React Native software developers?

Central European countries have long been known for their excellent engineering and technical degrees. They produce some of the best programmers, developers, and engineers worldwide. Apart from developing apps from scratch, they might also be recruited to diagnose problems in an existing app and make upgrades to it.

These developers might also be asked to work as interns or understudies of their superiors. YouTeam is the #1 solution for on-demand engineering staff augmentation in the world. Our YCombinator-backed platform unites resources of 300+ top development agencies of Eastern Europe and Latin America in one talent tool. This makes us first who can find the best available matches for each project. Flutter developers earn about $94k/yr whereas React Native developers earn about $95k/yr, so the salaries for both are pretty closeby.

Middle Developer

The average hourly rate of a React Native developer depends on the developer’s location, experience, and skills. YouTeam only works with top agencies from Latin America and Eastern Europe that recommend the best developers for hire. We have a multi-level screening process and test candidates’ skills thoroughly with sample codes and interviews, so clients meet the top engineers who meet their requirements. Since there is a unified codebase for Android and iOS, there is no need for the app developer to learn Java for Android apps and Swift for iOS. Using React Native enables software dev