In the way and in their area, Ivone and you may Vania discovered first-hand the pain that comes regarding quiet. It did not need to damage a movement one to safe most other women from this soreness by demanding a space from the direction to own on their own.

They faced the fresh new limits off address until it didn’t deal with all of them any longer. In the 2003, Ivone and Vania remaining new path in the midst of disagreements along with other management concerning the couple’s act as repaid way organizers. Vania took a position since the a trailer rider, and you can Ivone first started clean another person’s home. They still lead events of females within their town, however they no further keep leaders positions regarding direction.

“Some tips about what I think concerning the story of one’s leaving the latest movement,” Ivone told me: “It actually was the place where we spent some time working, therefore is actually a location where truth be told there wasn’t area for people. I do believe that it’s a kind of repression….when brand new direction was what suffered you, the bottom where you can cam, from which you could work, then you are unable to has actually more substantial argument, you can’t improve, without having room here. So you need to do something.”

When that which you do-whether or not which is employed in new associations, returning to university, otherwise relocating which have an other woman-actually acceptance, in the event the way ceases is the new discover place you have fought to help make, it’s hard to stay. (more…)