Forbes performed glamour photos for everyone of the strongest women, therefore let’s grab their lead and only hear its seems.

A couple of days ago, Forbes put out the yearly listing of the fresh new 100 Most powerful Women all over the world. With photographs of all 100 feminine. And not just one pictures – more often than not, the brand new photographs try style images. (By that i mean photos which can be handled upwards, presented, if not stunning… not that they got Angela Merkel to a mall in the very early ’90s and you may dolled their own up with 16 cans from hairspray.)

Read through this analogy less than. Dr. Stephanie Injury, new President of Dow Corning, is obviously happy with how she looks. I understand this because the fresh photos on the right is the official photo out-of their towards Dow Corning’s website where, I would personally suppose, she met with the power to get a hold of their pictures (or perhaps eliminate an adverse you to definitely). But Forbes selected a photo that shows her far young, much leaner, even more stylish and much less dowdy.

Forbes doesn’t accomplish that towards the most other listings. On the listing of the fresh new wealthiest people in the country, they slap up an image out of a masculine billionaire showing fifteen chins and and make a flame Marshall Expenses face. However, Forbes wouldn’t let you to definitely travel towards the female. (more…)