For the majority Indonesians, “bantal guling” or reinforce pillow isn’t unusual. In reality, the newest cushion is actually a part of needed sleep items to possess Indonesians. I bet you to definitely bantal guling is present in just about any Indonesian bed room. But not, many Indonesians are likely uninformed of history of bantal guling. The history regarding bantal guling is directly linked to the colonial perspectives out of Nyai. When you’re Dutch colonization had run out lifetime in the past, eg views will always be influencing the new stereotypes from Indonesian female also since the exactly how Indonesian women consider by themselves. Nyai, given that a social trope, will get the website off commentary fight, exactly who symbolizes the latest colonized authorities and you may colonized brain. It is this task of your post so you can questioned and you may recover Nyai among a way to decolonize our education.

Whenever slavery are banned into the 1860, the partnership changed, where indigenous female became concubines on the Dutch guys

Bantal guling otherwise strengthen features a unique English name, that’s, an effective Dutch spouse. (more…)